Why AV companies need digital marketing?

If I was in smart home design and installation business, I would also think twice before even answering the question whether my business needs digital marketing services or not. Like most tech integrators I would state I get most smart home integration projects from my referral network which so far has worked well and brings me decent business. And I’d feel full of doubts when a digital marketer told me what I’m about to tell you- AV businesses do need digital marketing. Why?


  1. First, you need to have a reputable and trustworthy online presence: a professional looking informative website, attractive and responsive social media activity- these and some other online tools help you stay tuned to what your clients have to say about you. It a wise strategy to follow your clients and potential customers online, listen to their wishes, goals and concerns and suggest solving their problems with the solutions you offer.
  2. Referral network is a great tool, however it often doesn’t allow home installers to choose what projects best fit their business objectives and vision. Instead, they end up taking whatever comes in and skip the chance to select what they’d really like to be doing. Here comes digital marketing with endless opportunities for you to choose who to work with and what project to work on.
  3. Google Home and Amazon Alexa have undertaken the responsibility of educating people about basic smart home systems and features. So when it comes to more complicated systems, you need to be ahead of your competitors with your online authority to lead your potential clients.
  4. Finally, digital marketing is such an inexpensive way to share your original content with your target customers – high quality videos and photos offer the best way to showcase your work. Just make a short video of the new smart home project you just completed, share it on your website and social media accounts, add some vivid catchy photos and let others eager to get their home upgraded call your team.

This list goes on and on… Digital marketing is an essential tool in your business armory today. It requires relatively long time investment but certainly pays off if you have the right people implementing the right strategy for you as a tech installer .

Think about it, start building your online presence now and you’ll never regret this choice when you look back a few years later. One of the best things digital marketing offers is the data you gather over time, analyze continuously and optimize over and over again! So why not? Dig in and continue growing your business consistently.


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